Stillwater Building Center was created in 1999 by local owner/general manager Jim Watson. Watson had worked for longtime business, Roy T. Hoke Lumber, for 17 years.  After its closing, it was important for Watson to retain business relationships and employees of the hardware store/ lumberyard. When Stillwater Building Center opened, several key Hoke employees came along. Bookkeeper Barnett Scarborough joined Watson as a partner. The first location was at 58th St. and Hwy 177 (Perkins Rd). SBC operated at that location for 10 years, improving and remodeling as they went.


In 2008 it was time to move and build a new permanent location to house a business that continued growing to serve contractors, homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, and commercial businesses. It was just a move north on 177, to 45th and Hwy 177. Building a new building offered space to expand Stillwater Building Center to fit more customer needs and more employees. The new building at 4521 S. Perkins Rd. created space for a showroom displaying doors, windows, cabinets, flooring, fireplaces, vanities and cabinet/door hardware. It also allowed plenty of space for an expansion of hardware, paint, and tools and provided room for the new/improved lumber yard.


Those additions and improvements allowed SBC to increase services they could offer.  They've added installation of products, insulation, fireplaces, doors and windows. Recently, they’ve also added a door shop where they can now manufacture their own doors.


From the beginning to completion, large or small, Stillwater Building Center continues to work to improve and enhance your experience when you’re seeking help for your project. They can provide you with everything from material estimates to helpful advice and service from their employees. Let them know how they can help you.