Replacement of Exterior Doors


Why should I replace my exterior doors?

Exterior doors are usually the last thing on a homeowners mind when it comes to updating; and for good reason. Doors have a long life expectancy with great durability. Many update their doors with paint or by changing the hardware to give it a new look and sometimes that is all the updating it needs. Other times though, there are also structural updates that paint can’t fix.

Structural Issues

The most common reason for needing to replace a door is due to rot. On older exterior doors you may find rot at the bottom of the door frame. The wood soaks in water over time and begins to peel which causes it to split apart and rot away. This will then allow outside elements, such as air, weather, and insects, into the home. By replacing that door with one that is rot-proof can eliminate the problems while also giving you a door that will last for decades.

New Look

The second most common reason homeowners replace doors is because of style. Changing the doors gives you the opportunity to go with a new look that better represents you, the homeowner, or just make things look more modern.

Types of Doors

While paint can give a new look to a door, changing up the style can make a bigger impact.

Doors come in different materials such as wood, steel, or fiberglass. Depending on the material you choose will depend on what upgrade is best for you. Choosing a wood door will increase your curb appeal and give a stronger look, while choosing fiberglass is more focused on durability and energy efficiency.

This might be a good opportunity to add glass in the front door to bring more light into a dark entry, or add panels to give a greater depth and visual appeal. When replacing your doors so many options are open to you to change the look and function of your home. 

So if you want a pop of color, or you want to save money on your energy bill, there is always a good reason to replace the doors in your home.